Editing Research A Preview of Empirical Research on Editing, Publishing, and Writing

About Us

Have a question about language and usage? Looking for information on technical editing, news editing, business editing, or other kinds of editing? Want to learn how to improve the sometimes tedious relationship between editors and authors? We at editingresearch.org cover all of that. Our publication launched in June 2020 and continues as an ongoing course for editing students at Brigham Young University. Our purpose is to highlight empirical research related to the editing and publishing world and present it here for you to view whenever you need it. We hope that the information we provide will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed as a professional editor.

Previews of Empirical Research

Editing Research supplies previews of empirical research articles on editing, publishing, and writing. In these previews, we distill the methods and results of the research and discuss how the data apply to you as practicing editors, publishers, and writers. You will find tools to improve your practice, suggestions to enhance your workflow, and new perspectives to help you set your own goals and plans for improvement.

Helping Professionals, Researchers, and Students Succeed

Editing Research aims to benefit three groups: (1) editors, writers, and publishers; (2) the researchers who conduct the research and journals that publish the research; and (3) students enrolled in the editing and publishing major or editing minor at Brigham Young University.

Benefits to Editors, Writers, and Publishers

Editing Research is an online publication for readers who seek empirical research on editing. We provide concise information about and easy access to empirical research articles about editing, publishing, and writing. Editing Research is a front door to trending topics and current research in editing, publishing, and writing. Each article briefly pulls the primary insights from data-driven research articles.

Our interactive format is perfect for editors, writers, and publishers who desire quick access to short articles highlighting relevant information. By highlighting, summarizing, and quoting from original studies, Editing Research articles enable readers to fit material about editing topics into their fast-paced work schedules. Editing Research also enables readers to easily share their discoveries about editing on social media.

Benefits to Researchers and Academic Journals

By including links to the websites of researchers, to the websites of their institutions, and to the websites of the journals they publish in, Editing Research provides additional entry points to these sites and significantly broadens their reach.

Benefits to Students

Editing Research is written and edited by students at Brigham Young University who are in a 400-level course of the editing and publishing major or minor. Creating and publishing the Editing Research website enriches our academic experience. Throughout the course, we gain practical experience planning, writing, and editing online articles; designing images for these articles; publishing content on the Internet; and promoting online content through social media and other public relations efforts.